Competitive Superiority

Quantum's patented digital watermarking technology is the only technology to use the document author's script signature as a digital watermark. This ensures that documents are legally enforceable in a court of law (especially in the case of e- contracts and e-procurement) AS WELL as compliant to Uniform Electronic Commercial Code standards.

It is clear from the charts below that Quantum's technology offers superior features and benefits to its competitors.

HIPAA Security Compliance

  Med-e-Scanner™ Quantum e-MD’s WebMD Medi-Notes Power-Med
Alteration Detection Yes No No No No
Watermarking Yes No No No No
Encryption Yes No Yes No No
Audit Controls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
(author and user)
Yes No Yes No No
Trace-Ability Yes Yes Yes No No
Yes No No No No
Archive Capability Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Patent Protection Yes No No No No
Ease of use Excellent Ok Good Good Ok


Competitive Superiority

  Pro-e-Scanner™ Quantum
HP ScanJet- Stegmark Minolta
Watermark Yes Yes* No No
Authentication Yes Yes No No
Author Signature Yes No No No
Legally Binding  Yes No No No
Patented Yes Yes No No
HIPAA Compliant Yes No No No