Med-e Scanner 100™ Product Group

The Med-e Scanner 100™ System has been specifically designed for large and small medical organizations, group practices, and office based-physicians who wish to professionally manage, watermark and archive sensitive e-medical records, paper medical records, and other business documents (contracts, insurance payments, compliance documents, financial records, e-procurement, etc..).

The system allows health care professionals to create and manage e-records that comply with HIPAA regulations for authentication, trace-ability, alternation detection, audit control, and electronic security.

The system also allows physicians to safely convert paper medical records to digital e-records, signature watermark these converted e-medical records, archive, and manage all e-medical records in a seamless manner (HIPAA compliant). The system is compatible with other existing e-medical records software so that existing e-medical records practices do not have to duplicate exiting work or create new records. Existing e-medical record files can be seamlessly watermarked with the system (please consult Quantum to ensure compatibility with existing systems).

The Med-e-Scanner 100™ System includes all of the necessary hardware and software (interfaced with an existing PC computer) for a single physician user to create, watermark and manage documents. System components include:

  • Professional flatbed scanner with document feeder option.
  • Quantum's patented e-Sigmark™ watermark software package
  • Digital Signature Tablet and software.
  • User Manual.

The signature tablet allows a physician, nurse, or office manager to create, manage and apply their personal, script signature watermarks to e-medical records.. The script signature watermark of the user is tamper-proof, traceable, can be authenticated and is legally binding (for contracts, e-medical records, Medicare and Medicaid payment documents, third party payer documents, HIPAA, and other compliance documents).

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