Pro-e Scanner 100™ Product Group

The Pro-e Scanner 100™ System has been specifically designed for large and small corporations who wish to professionally manage, watermark and archive sensitive documents (contracts, compliance documents, financial records, e-procurement, etc..).

The Pro-e-Scanner 100™ System includes all of the necessary hardware and software (interfaced with an existing PC computer) for a single seat user to create, watermark and manage documents. System components include:

  • Professional flatbed scanner with document feeder option.
  • Quantum's patented e-Sigmark™ watermark software package
  • Digital Signature Tablet and software.
  • User Manual.

The signature tablet allows each seat user to create, manage and apply their personal, script signature watermarks to documents. The script signature watermark of the user is tamper-proof, traceable, can be authenticated and is legally binding (for contracts, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other compliance documents)

The Pro-e-Scanner ™ System is scaleable, network ready, and it available as an enterprise solution to large companies with many users. This is an excellent option for large companies that must comply with one or more regulatory codes such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

Potential Enterprise partners should contact Quantum's Sales department directly to discuss site licenses and other package pricing arrangements.

The Pro-e-Scanner System software runs on a Microsoft XP platform and will accept, watermark and manage most common file formats (Excel, Word, Works, PPT, JPEG, and other image files).

Contact the Quantum Sales Department today for a no-obligation quote:

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