HIPAA Compliance

Quantum has numerous US patents issued and pending on it core watermark technology. Key aspects of the technology include:

  • Converting paper records (medical, financial, contracts) to digital e-records and watermarking all e-records with the author's tamper proof signature.
  • Converting existing e-records to tamper proof, signature watermarked e-records in a seamless and rapid manner.
  • Embedding the author's script signature watermark into each e-document as a means of authenticating documents, and making them tamper proof.
  • Embedding a unique digital identifier into each e-document for enhanced security, document authentication, and document trace-ability.
  • Providing enhanced document security features including file wrapping and password protection.
  • Date and Time Stamping Digital Documents.
  • Providing encryption capabilities for secure transmission over the Internet or Intranet.

Quantum's technology is superior to existing e-document security features and is the only technology to allow for the author's script signature to be embedded in each document as a tamperproof watermark.

Quantum has focused on developing and patenting e-document security features that are both

Legally enforceable in court (contracts, e-procurement agreements, etc) AND comply with complex HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley regulations as well as Uniform Electronic Commerce Codes (UECC).

Technology Partnerships & Licensing

  Quantum is partnering with key players in IT security software, digital watermarking, HIPAA compliance software, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance software, and other key target markets. Quantum looks forward to discussing partnerships and licensing arrangements with potential strategic partners.