Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

The majority of public companies must comply with federal Sarbanes-Oxley regulations that require strict adherence to financial and accounting controls and practices. Corporate officers must witness and attest that company financial records and statements are accurate and true under penalty of civil and criminal action. These controls and practices encompass both paper records financial records controls, as well as electronic financial records and controls

These financial and accounting practices include: audit controls, document trace-ability, document authentication, document archiving, verification, validation, and electronic systems compliance.

Quantum's scanner and software products allow for strict compliance to Sarbanes-Olxey document controls (both paper documents and e-documents) by providing the following features and benefits:

•  Script signature watermark allows the author or corporate officer to attest and sign paper or e-documents with a tamperproof script signature watermark (the signer's script signature embedded into each document).

•  A unique document Identifier (alpha numeric string) embedded into each document allows for audit controls, trace-ability, authentication, and rapid document retrieval.

•  Patented alternation detection technology allows users and auditors to scan financial records and flag unauthorized alternations and changes.

•  All documents created with the Quantum system can be password protected and encrypted for safe and confidential storage and transmittal over the Internet.

•  Seamless interface with other Microsoft™ based compliance software products for archiving, management, audit, reporting, and other key functions.

Quantum is dedicated to providing seamless interface with all existing Sarbanes-Oxley compliance software. Quantum has the capability to provide custom document watermarking and interface solutions for any unique and special compliance requirements. Please contact a Quantum sales specialist for further details.