HIPAA Compliance

Quantum software and scanner products offer complete turnkey solutions for compliance with HIPAA regulations regarding the creation, storage and transmittal of electronic e-medical records. HIPAA requirements for e-medical records compliance include creating tamper proof documents, providing trace-ability, document authentication, audit controls, secure encryption, password protection, and secure archiving. As with paper records, patient confidentiality and non-disclosure are of primary concern.

Quantum software and scanner products offer valuable features and benefits to physicians, dentists, chiropractors, rehab centers, and all other healthcare providers who must comply with HIPPA regulations. Such features include:

Converting paper medical records to digital e-records and watermarking all e-records with a tamper proof physician signature watermark.

  • Converting existing e-records to tamper proof signature watermarked e-records in a seamless and rapid manner.
  • Embedding the attending physician's script signature watermark into each e-document as a means of authenticating documents, and making them tamper proof.
  • Embedding a unique digital identifier into each e-medical record for enhanced security, document authentication, and document trace-ability.
  • Providing patented document security features including file wrapping and password protection.
  • Providing encryption capabilities for secure transmission over the Internet or Intranet.

Quantum's patented watermark technology is the only product on the market that enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to own and control they patient records by embedding their script signature into each e-record. The watermark signature makes it impossible to alter, change or tamper with any of the data on the document (including dates, treatments, etc). Each document has the attending physician's script signature embedded in each page to ensure authenticity, accuracy and integrity for patient treatment, referrals, and insurance (Medicare and Medicaid included) payments.

Quantum is partnering with industry leader e-medical records software companies to provide complete, seamless, turnkey solutions to hospitals, clinics, group practices, laboratories, office based physicians, and all other healthcare professionals that must comply with HIPAA regulations.