Quantum has an active program to partner with select entities to further develop and disseminate its core technology, products, and services.

Potential partners include:


Quantum has specifically designed the Med-e-Scanner 100 ™ and Med-e-Records ™ 400 products to be fully HIPAA. These products offer security encryption,  tamper-proof watermarking, date stamping, and other HIPAA mandated features. Our products empower physicians to own and control their patient records.

• HMO's, PPO's and other Health Networks interested in creating secure and confidential e-medical records networks in participating labs, physicians, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare services.

• Hospitals, Health Clinics, and Laboratories that wish to securely network with each other and other healthcare professionals

• Independent Physicians, Specialists, Dentists, Chiropractors,  and other independent healthcare professionals that wish to network with insurance companies, patients, and other entities in a secure and confidential manner.

Corporations and Small Businesses

Partnership applications for Internet secure e-documents and document archiving include:

• Corporate financial data, tax records, B2B transactions, e-purchasing and procurement functions
• Secure and Confidential e-mails and other e-correspondence
• On-line Contract negotiations and transactions
• Human Resources and Employee Payroll and Tax Information.

Lawyers & Legal Professionals

Partnership applications for Internet secure e-documents and document archiving include:

• Secure on-line documentation transmissions, contract negotiations, draft agreements
• Secure on-line e-mails, client e-mails and consultations
• Tax advise, tax documents, Wills and probate information.
• Client files and other records that must be maintain according to state and federal law and Ethics Codes.

Please contact Quantum Innovations for any specific product information, unique applications, and product pricing.