How it Works

Quantum's patented technology uses advanced mathematical algorithms and security features to embed a users original and unaltered script signature into a document in the form of a digital watermark.

Each time a document is scanned or converted into our proprietary file format a unique system file (QDR file) is created with the users signature watermarked into the document. Once this QDR file is created it is a READ ONLY document and cannot be changed or altered in any way, even by the author.

For each QDR file the system creates a unique file security key (QDA file) that is used to unlock and view the QDR document file. Only an authorized recipient with a file key (QDA file) can open and view the QDR document file. Document files can also be password protected and encrypted for further document security and confidentiality.

Each time the system creates a QDR document file it creates one unique QDA key (unlocking) file. Only that unique QDA file can unlock that specific QR file and the files and keys are not interchangeable for further security.

The system software is designed for easy document creation, management and archiving (including QDR watermarked files and QDR key files).

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